Star Trek: Resolution

S01E06 - Ancestors

Captain's Log, Stardate 40949.1. The Resolution has been sent to the Utipa Epsilon system, located in a remote sector of Federation space containing a large swath of uninhabited star systems. We are tasked to investigate the presence of what appears to be a human colony on the moon of Utipa Epsilon IV, which was detected by one of Starfleet's probes doing a planetary survey in the region. From what we know so far, the colony was established on a L class moon orbiting the gas giant. The discovery of this colony was quite a surprise as there are no records of any past colonies or colony ships destined for this sector of space. I am very curious to learn more about this settlement and how it came to be. As we prepare to establish contact with them, we will have a to do without the valuable insight of our ship's counselor, as he is currently attending a seminar on Betazed.



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