Star Trek: Resolution

S01E07 - Deserted

Trapped on the Holodeck in a Doctor Who program, the senior staff of the Resolution must figure what is going on at The Greatest Amusement Park in the Universe to escape.

Alexa LaSalle-Cortes, Personal Log, Stardate 40977.3. So, we've been mapping a Nebula for, like, a week now? It's pretty, but really boring. Apparently, no one could map before because there are Ion discharges that Starfleet shields weren't strong enough to deal with, but ours are. I figured an unexplored nebula would have tons of cool stuff in it, but so far it's just a rare bunch of gasses. Anyway, dad proposed we run one of his programs. Yeah, Doctor Who, again. He's invited some of the senior staff to come. Might be fun. Antos is nice and Ryanne seems cool too. Don't know about the doctor and Mr. Scowlface, but they might surprise me. Worst case, it's just two wasted hours of my day. Maybe I can get myself shot by a Dalek or something and get out of there. Ooh, or maybe taken by the Cybermen and then I can be a bad guy! We'll see. Alexa out.



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