Lantara Antos

Ship Counselor on the Uss Resolution. Expert in interspecies relations.


Species: Half Bajoran-Half Cardassian hybrid
Profession: Starship Officer – Ship Counselor

High Concept: Amiable Bajoran/Cardassian Counselor of the U.S.S Resolution
Trouble: Physical Effort? Not for me!
Background: I wouldn’t be in Starfleet if not for Starfleet Intelligence
Relationship: Captain LaSalle is like my older brother

Careful +2
Clever +1
Flashy +2
Forceful +1
Quick 0
Sneaky +3


  • Because I am Devious, I get a +2 bonus when sneakily creating an advantage in physical combat and my opponent can understand me.
  • Because I have a High Pain Threshold, once per episode I can ignore all stress from a single attack that would have taken me out.
  • Because my Pagh is strong, I get a +2 bonus when flashily defend in social situations and I can bring up my faith.

Strenght 4
Agility 5
Vitality 9
Intelligence 8
Presence 12
Perception 12

Quickness +3
Savvy +4
Stamina +1
Willpower +1

Defense 7
Health 7
Courage 4
Initiative 5

Professional Abilities:
Starship Duties
Pathos (tier 1) : Ignore all social penalties when doing Inquire (Interview) rolls
Ship’s Counselor (Tier 1): +4 to all Medicine(Psychology) tests.
Pry Secrets (Tier 2): Once per session, reroll 1 Inquire (Interview) roll
Detect Falsehoods (Tier 3): Anytime someone lies, can make a free Savvy test (TN 15)

Species Abilities:
Pagh : +1 Courage as long as follow the Prophets and their philosphy
Devious : +2 Influence skill tests
Prying: +2 Inquire skill tests

High Pain Threshold
Alert : +2 Inititiative
Likeable : +3 adjustment to any interaction stance
Cultural Flexibility : +2 to social tests involving species other than my own
Command +1
Promotion +3

Enemy (Bajoran Terrorist)

Administration 2
Computer Use (Retrieve) 3
Energy Weapons 1
First Aid 2
Influence 9
Inquire (Fraternize) 9
Inquire (Interview) 9
Investigate 4
Knowledge- Culture (Bajor, Cardassia) 5
Knowledge- History (Bajor) 3
Knowledge- Law (Federation) 2
Knowledge- Politics (Bajor, Cardassia, Federation) 3
Knowledge- Religion (The Prophets) 3
Knowledge- Specific Worlds 6
Knowledge- Trivia (Horticulture) 3
Language (Federation) 3
Language (Bajoran) 3
Language (Cardassian) 2
Medecine (Psychology) 5
Negociate (Mediate) 4
Persuade 6
Streetwise 3
Survival 4
System Operations (Command) 2

Personal Package: Occupation upbringing (Cardassian occupation)
Professional Package: Interspecies relations


  • Commander Lantara is a adept of horticulture. He spends many hours in the arboretum, taking care of its plants and trees. Some say that the Cardassian is growing plants to make poisons but his closest friends know that he prefers to grow plants that he will later turn into delicious teas.
  • Captain LaSalle introduced to the game of pool back in the day when they were serving together on the USS Nagano. Even though, he’s not as skilled as the Captain, he likes the game for the challenge and the time spent with friends.
  • Commander Lantara is deeply religious, following a very loose sect of the Bajoran Prophets. He prays into his personal shrine in his quarters and rarely discuss religious matters with non-Bajoran unless someone is curious. In this case, he replies politely without proselitizing.
  • 2329. Born on Volnar, a colony under Cardassian occupation. Mother is Vedek Lantara Eyal and Father is Glinn Racek, Cardassian commander of Metalak Camp.
  • 2341. Exfiltrated with his mother by a unit of Starfleet officers working for Starfleet Intelligence. As Glinn Racek’s concubine, Vedek Eyal had access to lots of confidential information valued by the Federation. In exchange for their liberation, she would cooperate with Starfleet. She also negociated her son’s education on Earth. Glinn Racek is executed by Cardassian Central Command for his negligence.
  • 2347. Antos enters Starfleet Academy and joins the Medical Branch, choosing Psychology as his specialization. His charisma and his social aptitudes making him a valuable candidate for Counselor.
  • 2351. Graduation from Starfleet Academy. He finishes second of his promotion and thanks to his hard work, is promoted Lieutenant Junior Grade upon graduating. He is sent to Starbase 201, specialized in xenopsychology and biology. He quickly becomes an expert in interspecies relations, instructing diplomats on how to negociate with species with cultures very different from those of the members of the Federation. His dedication and hard work incite his superior officer into promoting Antos to the rank of Lieutenant.
  • 2356. After 5 years on board of Starbase 201, Antos is assigned to the Uss Nagano as the Ship Counselor. He spends three years on board of the Nagano before receiving another assignment from Starfleet.
  • 2359. Sent to the USS Okinawa to replace the Ship’s Counselor. Working under Captain Leyton, he participates in the war with the Tzenkethis. Antos’s expertise was used by the negociators working on the Armistice with the Tzenkethis and to reward his good work, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Lantara Antos

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