Star Trek: Resolution

S01E01 - False Start, part 1
The launch of Starfleet's new Nebula-class Cruiser, the USS Resolution, doesn't go as planned.

Captain's log, Stardate 40762.9. The maiden voyage of the Resulotion is finally upon us. The preparations to get underway are almost complete, but before we can do so, the senior staff and I will be entertaining a small delegation of Federation dignitaries, ranging from Starfleet admirals to local journalists. I find myself humbled by the fact that Starfleet command has allowed reporters from my hometown to cover the launch of the Resolution. I'm also eager to get to know my senior staff a little better. Beside counselor Lantara with whom I served on the Nagano, all of the other members of the Resolution's senior staff are new to me. After the reception, the Resolution will take our guests on a tour around Pluto before dropping them off on Earth. Afterwards, the Resolution will set course for Starbase G-6, where we will pick up the last members of our crew.

The Ten-forward lounge was abuzz with conversation. Admirals, journalists, councilpeople, the lead engineer in charge of the Resolution's construction, and all of their staff mingled with the senior staff of the ship. While Captain LaSalle answered the journalists' questions, Commander Lantara flitted around the room, making sure everything ran smoothly.

When the last checkups were confirmed completed, Commander T'Ren came to find the Captain, and the senior staff left for the bridge, leaving the Counselor behind with the esteemed guests.

On the bridge, the crew got the ship ready for launch. The warp core's steady thrum could be felt throughout the ship as the matter/anti-matter reaction was initiated. Chief Engineer Kuranda, from the engineering console on the bridge, diverted power to the nacelles…

An explosion rocked the ship. Alarms blared, readings flashed on consoles. The warp core's reaction steadily accelerated.

Reports start pouring in. The explosion was on deck 29, port side. Somehow, the plasma meant for the port nacelle is being fed back into the warp core. If the reaction continues, the ship would blow, taking half of Utopia Planitia with it.

Lt. Kuranda, his hands flying across the console, got his crew in engineering to start turning off the core, but it was soon evident to him that he needed more time than he had. He needed some way to reduce the power output of the core.

The Captain asked for suggestions. It was Lt. Zole who spoke up, blurting out "the deflector dish!" Everyone turned to her. Ensign Dovoro, at OPS, nodded "Yes! If we recalibrate it, we could use it as a plasma emitter!" "Draining the warp core of its excess power" continued Lt. Kuranda. "We'd have to aim it right, or we risk hitting the shipyards," finished Cmdr. T'Ren.

Captain LaSalle, nodded. "Do it."

While Ensign Dovoro recalibrated the deflector dish, Lt. Zole aimed its emitters away from anything its expulsion might hit, and Lt. Kuranda rerouted power to it. When ready, they turned to the Captain.

"Fire." The pulse shot out of the dish. "It's working," said Lt. Kuranda. "Keep firing until the core if offline," instructed the Captain.

A minute later, the core's reaction was stopped. The alarms went off, and calm returned to the bridge.

On Deck 29, things are still hectic. Dr. Mela To'k has made is way down and is leading his medical team in assisting the wounded. While he does triage, his team treats the wounded and transport them to sickbay.

Eventually, the crisis subsides. The dignitaries and transported off the ship and the crew begins to take stock of the situation and investigate the explosion. One crewman is missing, presumed dead, and at least a dozen more are wounded, with wounds ranging fromcontusions to third degree burns.

Lt. Zole and Lt. Kuranda investigate the site of the malfunction on Deck 29. The corridor is badly burned. Using their tricorders, they find the power conduit where the explosion originated. Scans of the location reveal human DNA, presumably of the missing crewman. Anyone in that corridor before the explosion would have been vaporized by the plasma. The DNA is sent to Dr. To'k for analysis. Lt. Kuranda removes the power conduit and takes it to engineering to be examined.

The power conduit is found to have broken under the strain of the plasma flow. However, the weakness in the metal should have been detected in the three check ups prior to launch. Not only that, but the break is suspicious as it happened in the perfect place for the plasma to burn up into the Bussard collector conduits, thus feeding it back into the warp core. Lt. Kuranda pulls up the name of the team assigned to check that section of the ship and finds it was a team under Ensign Rita Mendes, composed of crewmen Melbonit, Chad Sullivan, and Michael Miller.

The senior meets in the conference room to discuss the investigation. The Captain is presented with the facts about the conduit. Dr. To'k adds that the DNA found was human and matches with Michael Miller, but that the analysis is not complete. Captain LaSalle orders Lt. Zole and Counselor Lantara to question the Engineering team, while the doctor and the chief are told to finish running their diagnostics. Ensign Dovoro, present as the most senior member of the operations department, raises her hand. She explains that while checking the ship's records at the time of the accident, she noticed strange power readings from cargo bay 3 and asks that she be allowed to investigate it. The Captain acquiesces.

Lt. Zole and Counselor Lantara start with Ensign Mendes. Their interrogation shows that she followed protocol, reviewing every report before filing it and that she is profoundly shaken by the failure of her team and the death of crewman Miller. The counselor orders her to take some time off.

Next, they talk to crewman Sullivan. He tells them of the procedure he followed, but something seems suspicious about his answers. When pressed, he admits that he let crewman Miller cover for him so he could go spend some time with crewman Ashley Kendrik in private. Lt. Zole and Counselor Lantara relieve him of duty.

Finally, they talk to crewman Melbonit. The terse and direct Tellarite explains her duty and the events of the previous days precisely and without hiding anything. However, the only useful information her testimony provides is that the broken conduit was in crewman Sullivan's assigned section. She is allowed to return to work.

Meanwhile, Ensign Dovoro's investigation of cargo bay 3 reveal that the cargo transporter was activated fractions of a second before the explosion on deck 29. However, she is unable to find the origin, destination, or nature of the transporter material.

When Dr. To'k finishes his analysis, he calls the captain and suggests reconvening the senior staff for a meeting. Once there, he reveals the chilling results. The DNA is fake.

to be continued…

S01E02 - False Start, part 2
The Resolution persues the terrorist responsible for the ship's near destruction.

Captain's log, supplemental. Following Dr. Mela To'k's discovery, I've ordered Lieutenant Zole and Commander Lantara to change the focus of their investigation. Once believed to be a victim, crewman Miller is now the chief suspect in the act of sabotage that almost destroyed the Resolution. Beyond the desire to bring the crewman to justice, it is important to me to understand whatever motivation he had for his actions. Although I do not wish to be paranoid, I cannot deny that the consequences of the Resolution's destruction within the shipyard would have been severe for Starfleet. It is almost certain that the exploding Resolution would have taken the vessels in construction nearby with her, including both of Starfleet's most advanced ships, the Enterprise and the Yamato. The loss of these vessels would represent a major setback for Starfleet. The sooner we find crewman Miller, the sooner we will get our answers.

Lt. Kuranda travels to cargo bay 3, to examine the cargo transporter that seems to have been active at the time of the explosion on the Resolution. After spending a few hours going through the transporter console's logs and programming, he finds the remnants of a program embedded deep in its subroutines. Though the program seems to have attempted to delete itself, Kuranda's superior skill allows to reconstitute most of it. The program activated the transporter when it detected a power surge on the conduits of deck 29.  It transported someone from the deck off the ship. After a bit more work, the Chief Engineer is able to determine that the point of destination was Spacedock, in Earth orbit.

Capt. LaSalle contacts the docking authority of Spacedock and asks them if any ships left since the explosion on the Resolution. He is informed that three ships left: the Calandra, a Betazoid passenger liner, the Latinum Goose, a Kressari freighter, and an Orion barge called the Fair Appraiser.

The Captain orders Lt. Zole to hail Admiral T'Lara, aboard her flagship, the Nagano. Quickly briefing her about the recent develpoments, he asks her to go after the Fair Appraiser, while the Resolution goes after the Latinum Goose. Capt. LaSalle then hails the Calandra and orders them to turn back, which they acknowledge.

Despite repairs on the warp drive not being fully completed, the Resolution goes off in pursuit of the Kressari freighter. In order to catch up, Lt. Kuranda has to push the ship's engines. Through the skill of his engineering team and his wherewithal, he manages to avoid further damage to the ship. And the battered Nebula-class ship catches up to the freighter.

Capt. LaSalle orders the Kressari to drop out of warp. Though the ship initially complies, the minute the Resolution drops out of warp, the freighter tries to run. The Captain orders Lt. Zole to fire a warning shot. The freighter then turns around, and powers up its weapons.

A short ship battle ensues, but the Latinum Goose is no match for the Starfleet Cruiser. As the Kressari freighter is starting to look pretty battered, it suddenly stops. Capt. LaSalle orders the crew to disengage. Hails remain without responses, but sensors can pick up phaser fire from the freighter's bridge. The Captain tells Cmdr. T'Ren to assemble an away team and find out what is happening on the other ship.

Cmdr. T'Ren, Lt. ZoleCommander Lantara, Dr. To'k, and a security team beam aboard the Latinum Goose, in the hallway just outside the bridge.

They open the door to the bridge and find themselves in the middle of a firefight. One human, at the far end of the bridge, is hiding behind a console and firing at two crewmen hiding behind another console to the left of the door. Below the captain's chair, there is a pool of blood. A limp hand hanging from the side completes the picture and belies the Kressari captain's fate.

Cmdr. T'Ren ducks into the room and takes cover behind the captain's chair. She yells "Michael Miller, put down your weapon and surrender, and you will not be harmed." "You'll never take me alive!" answers the man hiding at the far end of the bridge. The Commander fires, but hits the console. Miller pops out and fires. He hits the Vulcan and she yelps from the pain. Lt. Zole, setting her phaser to heavy stun, ducks into the room and fires at Miller as he tries to duck back into cover. Her shot hits him and he drops.

Crewman Miller is taken into custody and beamed to the brig on the Resolution. Medical and Engineering teams are beamed aboard to Latinum Goose to tend to the ship and crew.

Capt. LaSalle orders Dr. To'k to do a full medical check up of Crewman Miller. The Medical examination shows that Miller's DNA was modified twice. Once to appear Cardassian, and once more to appear as if it had been made to appear human, obviously so that a cursory examination would have shown that he was Cardassian. The manipulation was, unfortunately for whatever scheme crewman Miller was hatching, not good enough to fool Dr. To'k.

Hours later, Capt. LaSalle, Lt. Zole and Commander Lantara visit crewman Miller in the brig to question him about his motives. At first, he claims to be Cardassian agent looking to strike at the heart of the Federation, but when his deception is revealed, he crumbles. He expresses his anger at Starfleet's wait and see approach towards the reduced Cardassian War. He claims having seen horros perpetrated at their hands during the height of the conflict and bemoans the fact that Starfleet isn't pushing forward into Cardassian space, arguing that the Federation should pounce on their enemy while they are weakened. Though Capt. LaSalle calmly tries to reason with the man, explaining that Starfleet's mission is not war, but peace and exploration, the traumatized veteran wants to hear none of it.

The Resolution makes its way back to the Sol system, the Latinum Goose in tow, and delivers Michael Miller to Starfleet's custody.

S01E03 - Forgotten Sins
While investigating a rogue comet, the crew of the Resolution finds a mystery within its depths, and must grapple with the moral questions it brings up.

Captain's log, Stardate 40823.4. With the repairs to the ship finished, Starfleet command has assigned the Resolution to survey a rogue comet. This particular comet was first observed by Vulcan astronomers over two thousand years ago. Previous observations of this comet had determined that It follows a strange orbit spanning multiple star systems, flung by their gravity wells from one to the other.

For the first time since it's discovery, it has returned to the position it was first observed at, now located within Federation space. Time is of the essence as the comet will not remain in Federation space too long. Soon, its strange orbit will take it into Tholian space, out of reach for another 2000 years. Starfleet doesn't want to miss this rare opportunity to learn more about this comet. 

Captain LaSalleCommander LantaraChief Engineer Kuranda, Dr. To'k, Lieutenant Ryanne, and Lieutenant Chandra are sitting together in the Ten Forward Lounge, listening with varying degrees of interest as Lt. Chandra is enthusiastically telling them about Fort'e Kahs'Khiori, the comet the Resolution has been tasked to survey.

Little is known about the mysterious comet, except that it follows an unusual course through the void and its estimated mass and composition. Confirming, or infirming, the hypotheses postulated by the Vulcan Science Academy is clearly an exciting prospect for the ship's Science Officer.

Hours later, the ship finally approaches Fort'e Kahs'Khiori. It settles into a parallel course and matches its speed. Captain LaSalle orders a geological scan of the comet. Lieutenant Ryanne frowns as the results come in. She informs the Captain that scans are showing that the comet's core is hollow. Supplementary scans show that it contains a breathable atmosphere at 3 degrees Celsius. She is also detecting a faint power signature coming from within the comet.

Surprised, the Captain orders a diagnostic on the sensors and asks that the readings be confirmed. A minute later, reports show that the sensors are functioning normally and the scans are confirmed as accurate.

Captain LaSalle tells Cmdr. T'Ren to assemble an away team and investigate the interior of the comet.

Cmdr. T'Ren, Lt. Chandra, Lt. RyanneChief Engineer Kuranda, Dr. To'k, and a security team gather in transporter room 3. The First Officer and the security team beam over first. Then they signal that the coast is clear and the rest of the away team beams over.

The away team finds the inside of the comet filled with cryogenically frozen aliens of unknown species. Scans also pick up a life signature that seems active, and so the team splits off. Lt. Chandra, Lt. RyanneChief Engineer Kuranda, and a security officer head off to find the power signature, while Cmdr. T'Ren, Dr. To'k, and the other security officer look for the life sign.

The first team finds a console and the power generator keeping the cryotubes active. The console is in a strange language that the universal translator seems to be unable to translate easily.  Lt. Ryanne and Chief Engineer Kuranda establish a link to the Resolution and coordinate with the crew to begin translation.

The second team finds a broken cryotube with an alien in distress halfway out of it. Dr. To'k beams back to the Resolution's sickbay with the alien.

to be completed…

S01E04 - Caveat Emptor
The crew of the Resolution tries to repair relations with the Xaramians by investigating a disease plaguing their world.

Captain's Log, Stardate 40864.2. The Resolution in under way to the Xaramian Republic, an independent world located near the Cardassian Union and the Tholian Assembly. Our mission is to assist the Xaramian in dealing with an epidemic they are unable to contain. The outcome of this mission could be a turning point in the relationship between the Xaramian and the Federation. So far, contacts between the Xaramian Republic and the Federation have been few since they first achieved warp travel 14 years ago. Their philosophy of Exceptionalism, being at odd with the truth of their place in the galaxy, has made them choose a policy of isolationism, effectively cutting off any contact with other species. The crew of the Resolution is now heading into a mission where not only countless Xaramian lives are hanging in the balance, but also possible important ramifications for the intergalactic politics in this region. The strategic importance of the Xaramian Republic's location give the Federation a considerable incentive to successfully establishing formal diplomatic relations with this independent world. I am hoping to convince them to align themselves with us in the future. It is imperative that this mission succeeds on both humanitarian and diplomatic fronts.

to be completed

S01E05 - The Lion and the Mouse
The Resolution finds a Cardassian ship trapped in a subspace anomaly, and its crew is running out of time.

First Officer T'Ren's Log, Stardate 40911.4. The Resolution has been patrolling the Cardassian border for two weeks, 2 days, 3 hours and 17 minutes. Our assignment has, so far, been uneventful. We have yet to detect a single Cardassian ship. I have been running frequent battle simulations, to ensure that the crew remains alert and does not grow complacent. Their performance has been adequate, and I have observed a 4.3% rise in their efficiency. Though I think we could further enhance our performance, I believe, should the need arise, that the crew will perform well if battle must occur. The Captain has left me the bridge, as he has been called to deal with a personal matter regarding his child.

to be completed

S01E06 - Ancestors
The crew of the Resolution makes contact with a long lost human colony, but get a less than warm reception.

Captain's Log, Stardate 40949.1. The Resolution has been sent to the Utipa Epsilon system, located in a remote sector of Federation space containing a large swath of uninhabited star systems. We are tasked to investigate the presence of what appears to be a human colony on the moon of Utipa Epsilon IV, which was detected by one of Starfleet's probes doing a planetary survey in the region. From what we know so far, the colony was established on a L class moon orbiting the gas giant. The discovery of this colony was quite a surprise as there are no records of any past colonies or colony ships destined for this sector of space. I am very curious to learn more about this settlement and how it came to be. As we prepare to establish contact with them, we will have a to do without the valuable insight of our ship's counselor, as he is currently attending a seminar on Betazed.

S01E07 - Deserted
Trapped on the Holodeck in a Doctor Who program, the senior staff of the Resolution must figure what is going on at The Greatest Amusement Park in the Universe to escape.

Alexa LaSalle-Cortes, Personal Log, Stardate 40977.3. So, we've been mapping a Nebula for, like, a week now? It's pretty, but really boring. Apparently, no one could map before because there are Ion discharges that Starfleet shields weren't strong enough to deal with, but ours are. I figured an unexplored nebula would have tons of cool stuff in it, but so far it's just a rare bunch of gasses. Anyway, dad proposed we run one of his programs. Yeah, Doctor Who, again. He's invited some of the senior staff to come. Might be fun. Antos is nice and Ryanne seems cool too. Don't know about the doctor and Mr. Scowlface, but they might surprise me. Worst case, it's just two wasted hours of my day. Maybe I can get myself shot by a Dalek or something and get out of there. Ooh, or maybe taken by the Cybermen and then I can be a bad guy! We'll see. Alexa out.


Alexa LaSalle-Cortes, Personal Log, supplemental. So… that was weird. The story we randomly got was, like, something in this enormous amusement park called Super Fun Land. It was the size of multiple planets, it was there was no end to it, but also, there wasn't anybody in it. The TARDIS landed in a park. We set out and found this mechanical mascot called Mister Cuddles. It was a giant pink teddy bear. It kept asking us what we wanted to do and taking us places. Oh! And every time he talked about the park, he'd, like wave his hands in a semicircle and say "The Greatest amusement par… in the UNIVERSE!" in his goofy voice…

Anyway, we soon realized we were stuck in the holodeck and couldn't contact the rest of the crew! We investigated, and discovered that the program had become corrupted and taken on aspects of the nebula outside. We tried to talk to whoever was in charge of the park, but we realized that it was operating in a sort of automated fashion. Long story short, turns out, the nebula… was SENTIENT! How cool is that?!? It, like, got into our systems and was trying to make us stay in it.

From what we understand, it's impossibly old. Like, maybe beginning of the UNIVERSE old… Like, whaaaat? It used to be with its kind, but as the universe expanded, they were dragged away from each other. They're, like, tethered? To the fabric of reality, or something? So it's been alone for millions of years, maybe billions. For the first time, it was finally able to talk to something. Dad informed Starfleet. They're sending a science ship to interact and study Mister Cuddles - we just kept calling it that, it didn't mind.  In the mean time, we're staying and learning what we can from it. So, yeah, that's it. But what an it, right?

S01E08 - The Depth of the Roots
While transporting members of two warring species, the Resolution finds itself caught in an ion storm.

Chief Tactical Officer Zole’s Log, Stardate 41069.6. The Resolution is currently on route to resupply a deep space colony on Quadra Sigma III. The mining colony has suffered an accident and lost most of its drilling equipment. Since the colony is not far from the Tholian border, Starfleet has decided to send the Resolution to deliver the supplies. The war is over, but tensions are still high. Hopefully, this will be a simple delivery mission without complications, and we can get a new assignment that’s a bit more… befitting of a new, top of the line ship…

Chief Tactical Officer Zole’s Log, supplemental. While on route to the Quadra Sigma III colony, the Resolution detected weapons fire coming from a nearby uninhabited system just outside of Federation space. The Captain ordered a change in course to investigate. Perhaps a ship was in distress, it was our duty to verify if anyone needed help. Besides, being relatively close to both the Tholian and Gorn borders, we had to know if our borders were secure.

When we arrived, we found two ships engaged in battle. One was Salaxian, and the other Rhaumite. Both species come from different planets in a nearby star system and have been bitter enemies for centuries, fighting over the other planetary bodies in their home system. It seems that their search for resources have taken them outside their borders. We hailed them both. The Rhaumites rudely told us to stay out of it, but the Salaxians asked for our assistance. The Captain accepted to attempt to stop the conflict if the Salaxians held their fire and took refuge behind the Resolution. Once they did, the Rhaumites fired upon our ship and we disabled their weapons. At that point, the Salaxians showed their true colours and, coming up and over the Resolution, fired upon the Rhaumites. The Rhaumites, now without weapons, rammed their ships into the Salaxians. Both ship were now heavily damaged, their warp cores going critical. We beamed the survivors aboard and left before the ships exploded.

Both crews are now in our custody, the Salaxians in the brig and the Rhaumites confined to guest quarters.

to be completed…

S01E09 - X Marks the Spot
The crew must rescue a group of archeologists from a mysterious high-tech ruin.
S01E10 - The absent are always in the wrong
The Resolution follows up on coordinates obtained from the Kappa Upsilon II dig site, but find that the Cardassians have gotten there first.

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