Star Trek: Resolution

S01E03 - Forgotten Sins

Captain's log, Stardate 40823.4. With the repairs to the ship finished, Starfleet command has assigned the Resolution to survey a rogue comet. This particular comet was first observed by Vulcan astronomers over two thousand years ago. Previous observations of this comet had determined that It follows a strange orbit spanning multiple star systems, flung by their gravity wells from one to the other.

For the first time since it's discovery, it has returned to the position it was first observed at, now located within Federation space. Time is of the essence as the comet will not remain in Federation space too long. Soon, its strange orbit will take it into Tholian space, out of reach for another 2000 years. Starfleet doesn't want to miss this rare opportunity to learn more about this comet. 

Captain LaSalleCommander LantaraChief Engineer Kuranda, Dr. To'k, Lieutenant Ryanne, and Lieutenant Chandra are sitting together in the Ten Forward Lounge, listening with varying degrees of interest as Lt. Chandra is enthusiastically telling them about Fort'e Kahs'Khiori, the comet the Resolution has been tasked to survey.

Little is known about the mysterious comet, except that it follows an unusual course through the void and its estimated mass and composition. Confirming, or infirming, the hypotheses postulated by the Vulcan Science Academy is clearly an exciting prospect for the ship's Science Officer.

Hours later, the ship finally approaches Fort'e Kahs'Khiori. It settles into a parallel course and matches its speed. Captain LaSalle orders a geological scan of the comet. Lieutenant Ryanne frowns as the results come in. She informs the Captain that scans are showing that the comet's core is hollow. Supplementary scans show that it contains a breathable atmosphere at 3 degrees Celsius. She is also detecting a faint power signature coming from within the comet.

Surprised, the Captain orders a diagnostic on the sensors and asks that the readings be confirmed. A minute later, reports show that the sensors are functioning normally and the scans are confirmed as accurate.

Captain LaSalle tells Cmdr. T'Ren to assemble an away team and investigate the interior of the comet.

Cmdr. T'Ren, Lt. Chandra, Lt. RyanneChief Engineer Kuranda, Dr. To'k, and a security team gather in transporter room 3. The First Officer and the security team beam over first. Then they signal that the coast is clear and the rest of the away team beams over.

The away team finds the inside of the comet filled with cryogenically frozen aliens of unknown species. Scans also pick up a life signature that seems active, and so the team splits off. Lt. Chandra, Lt. RyanneChief Engineer Kuranda, and a security officer head off to find the power signature, while Cmdr. T'Ren, Dr. To'k, and the other security officer look for the life sign.

The first team finds a console and the power generator keeping the cryotubes active. The console is in a strange language that the universal translator seems to be unable to translate easily.  Lt. Ryanne and Chief Engineer Kuranda establish a link to the Resolution and coordinate with the crew to begin translation.

The second team finds a broken cryotube with an alien in distress halfway out of it. Dr. To'k beams back to the Resolution's sickbay with the alien.

to be completed…



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