Star Trek: Resolution

S01E04 - Caveat Emptor

The crew of the Resolution tries to repair relations with the Xaramians by investigating a disease plaguing their world.

Captain's Log, Stardate 40864.2. The Resolution in under way to the Xaramian Republic, an independent world located near the Cardassian Union and the Tholian Assembly. Our mission is to assist the Xaramian in dealing with an epidemic they are unable to contain. The outcome of this mission could be a turning point in the relationship between the Xaramian and the Federation. So far, contacts between the Xaramian Republic and the Federation have been few since they first achieved warp travel 14 years ago. Their philosophy of Exceptionalism, being at odd with the truth of their place in the galaxy, has made them choose a policy of isolationism, effectively cutting off any contact with other species. The crew of the Resolution is now heading into a mission where not only countless Xaramian lives are hanging in the balance, but also possible important ramifications for the intergalactic politics in this region. The strategic importance of the Xaramian Republic's location give the Federation a considerable incentive to successfully establishing formal diplomatic relations with this independent world. I am hoping to convince them to align themselves with us in the future. It is imperative that this mission succeeds on both humanitarian and diplomatic fronts.

to be completed



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