Star Trek: Resolution

S01E05 - The Lion and the Mouse

The Resolution finds a Cardassian ship trapped in a subspace anomaly, and its crew is running out of time.

First Officer T'Ren's Log, Stardate 40911.4. The Resolution has been patrolling the Cardassian border for two weeks, 2 days, 3 hours and 17 minutes. Our assignment has, so far, been uneventful. We have yet to detect a single Cardassian ship. I have been running frequent battle simulations, to ensure that the crew remains alert and does not grow complacent. Their performance has been adequate, and I have observed a 4.3% rise in their efficiency. Though I think we could further enhance our performance, I believe, should the need arise, that the crew will perform well if battle must occur. The Captain has left me the bridge, as he has been called to deal with a personal matter regarding his child.

to be completed



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