Jarvis Kuranda

Chief Engineer aboard the USS Resolution


Species: Zakdorn
Profession: Starship Officer – Engineering Officer
Rank: Lieutenant (Junior Grade)

Strength 8
Agility 8
Intellect 12
Vitality 8
Presence 2
Perception 12

Quickness +3
Savvy +3
Stamina +5
Willpower +5

Initiative 3
Defense 8
Health 8
Courage 3

Species Abilities: Antisocial (+1 when working alone without assistance)
Personal Package: Scientific Upbringing
Professional Package: Troubleshooting
Professional Abilities: Engineering Expertise (Tier 1)

Competitive (+ 1 on opposed tests)
Meticulous (cumulative + 1 per round)
Unyielding (+ 2 Willpower)
Eidetic Memory (automatic success on TN5 academic tests, + 2 on others)
Multitasking (treat full-round actions as two actions)
Healthy (+ 2 Stamina)
Fit (+ 1 on all physical tests)
Command 1
Promotion 1

Proud (-1 on all social tests)

Computer Use +7
Construct +8
Engineering : Propulsion +10
Engineering : Structural +10
Engineering : System +13
Knowledge : Culture +7
Knowledge : History +7
Knowledge : Law +7
Knowledge : Politics +7
Language : Zakdorn +9
Language: Federation Standard +5
Ranged Combat : Energy Weapons (Hand Phaser) +4
Repair +7
Science : Physical +12
System Operation +6
Unarmed Combat : Self-defense +4


Driven by the unprecedented advances in Zakdorn technology due to trades with the United Federation of Planets in the early 24th century, Jarvis spent most of his childhood perusing his father’s science treatises, all alone in his room as is proper for a Zakdorn child.

Jarvis gave everything he had to the study of physics and engineering, hoping to one day get his hands on that alien technology before anyone else. When the Zarkdorns joined the Federation in 2344, Jarvis’ motivation increased radically.

With a knack for physics and engineering impressive even by Zakdorn standards, Jarvis easily joined Starfleet Academy. To his dismay, Jarvis has to interact on a daily basis with dozens of disagreeable individuals from all over the quadrant. Most were simply nuisances but, surprisingly to Jarvis himself, many others were far more amiable than any Zakdorn with whom he’d ever interacted.

Unpleasant as it may have been, the time spent at the Academy and then as a an ensign eventually earned Jarvis a spot as the Chief Engineer aboard the USS Resolution, where he could finally bring social interactions back to an acceptable level and spend the rest of his time with the only one that never makes him feel uncomfortable: the Resolution herself, engine, hull, computer and all.

Jarvis Kuranda

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