Mela To'k

Chief medical officier of the USS Resolution


Age: 75
Gender: Male
Eyes: Deep Green
Hair: Black, with deep blue reflection

Strength 10
Agility 10
Vitality 5
Intelligence 13
Presence 4
Perception 8

Quickness +2
Savvy +1
Stamina +2
Willpower +3

Defence 9
Health 7
Courage ?

Profession: Starship officer
Elite Profession: Medical Officer
Ability: General medicine

Species Abilities:
Psy rating: 4
Mind Meld
Nerve pinch

Keen hearing
Famous Event
Command 1
Promotion 3
Eidiedic memory


Athletics: 3
Computer use (Retrieval): 5
Craft (Painting): 4
Entertain (Dance): 1
First Aid: 9
+ History (Vulcan): 9
+ Politics (Vulcan): 8
+ Law (Federation): 8
+Culture : 4
+ Specific world (Advanced?) 5
+Vulcan : 9
+Federation standard: 6
Medicine (Vulcan): 10
Ranged Weapon
+Energy: 4
+Life (Xenobiology): 10
+Physical: 6
System ops (Medical): 7
Unarmed combat
+Ponnifla: 5

Personal Package: Academic Upbringing
Professional Package:


Mela To’k
First child of a politician mother, and an artist father, expectations of Mela To’k were high from a young age. As many eyes were on his parents, he had to follow a strict and regimented conduct in his everyday life. Luckily for him, even in his childhood, he was always intelligent and had an exceptionally logical mind. He mastered the Vulcan philosophic concept at the surprisingly young age of 8, and was at ease in most academic fields; by the age of 18, he was invited to join the Vulcan Science academy.

In contrast with is parents, who are very social by Vulcan standard, Mela To’k was cold and hard to read; he believed this to be due in part to his early mastery of Vulcan philosophy. Luckily for him, his logical mind and great intellect were an incredible advantage in his study of Biological and Medical science at the Vulcan Science academy. He was first of his class in all his science classes, and near the top in most philosophic ones. To honour his parents, he tried to learn political sciences and fine arts, but was far less successful.

One of the greatest moment in his life, he felt, was during his student life. Being so good in class allowed Mela To’k to spend time in a number of para academic activities, such as learning meditation, painting and Suus Mahna. He chose martial art as a form of meditation, it was a way to gain greater control on his inner aggression, focusing it in order to control it entirely. His first sparring partner was T’Lin, a student from_ (blank)_. She utterly crushed him.  She was a firestorm of fury. Mela To’k asked for pointers, which she was happy to provide. They met weekly, and every week she beat him, and then taught him a new manoeuvre or how to correct his stance. Eventually, they also began to meet so that he could help her with her studies. Their weekly meetings multiplied. “I missed that kata, could you show it to me again?” “I missed the last class, could you help me with this question?” “I missed last week’s Suus Mahna course, is there anything that I need to know?” "I missed you … " Neither of them remember who said it first, but they both agreed that it was true. After years sparring and study, they loved each other’s company more than anything else …

At the age of 32, Mela To’k graduated in Vulcan medicine and Xenobiology. 3 years later, T’Lin and he were married. By then, he was finishing is residence as a general practitioner. They had their first child, Xon, and while Mela To’k continued to practice medicine, and study Xenobiology at the university, T’Lin (to determined).

At the age of 51, Mela To’k made a name for himself in the annals of science by leading the team that developed an algorithm that allowed for a more precise taxonomic classification of new and known species based on information available within the Federation databases; a change that refined the development of Federation medical based on an improved understanding of DNA in the alpha quadrant. This achievement earned him a professorial seat at the Vulcan Science Academy, where he taught for almost 20 years, and was well liked for his genius, but dreaded for his dry and unforgiving lecture style.

By the age a 72, and now father of three child, Mela To’k sought the blessing of his family and the Vulcan Science academy to enroll in Star Fleet.  The Federation was always exploring farther, and he was eager to apply his knowledge to new species, and be a part of better understanding what would be encountered. During his time at the Academy, he met and grew close to a fellow student named Lantara Antos. While they were very different people, they had found common ground in their drive to understand of life and the sentient mind. His academic performance at the Academy, along with his reputation, and possibly some political pressure from Vulcan, Mela To’k was quick to move through the ranks.

After serving as the main doctor for Starbase 201 for a few months, he was given his posting on the USS Resolution as chief Medical officer, and Xenobiologist specialist.  T’Lin tilted her head ever so slightly as he straightened his uniform, again. Their eyes locked, and he squared his shoulders slightly in acknowledgement: he was looking forward to this voyage.

Mela To'k

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