Nicholas LaSalle

Captain of the USS Resolution


Captain Nicholas LaSalle

Species: Human

Species abilities: Adaptable (+2 to Will); The Human spirit; Skilled

Attributes: Agility 4 (0), Int 10 (2), Per 10 (2), Prs 12 (3), Str 5 (0), Vit 9 (1)

Reactions: Quick +2, Savy +3, Stam +1, Will +4*

Profession (s): Starship Officer (Command)

Professional Abilities: Commanding Presence, Starship Duty (Command), Starship/Starbase Protocol (Starfleet)

Advancements: 5

Skills: Computer Use (Retrieve) +5, Energy Weapon +1, Enterprise: Administration (Starship) +7, Inquire (Fraternize) +7, Knowledge: Culture (Human) +7, Knowledge: History (Human, Federation) +8, Knowledge: Law (Starfleet Regulations) +5, Knowledge: Politics (Federation) +7, Knowledge: Specific World (tbd) +5, Language: Federation Standard +5, Negotiate (Mediate) +8, Persuade (Oratory) +7, Science: Social Sciences (Anthropology, Archeology) +7, Survival +3, System Ops (Command) +5, Tactics (Space) +8

Edges: Ally (Admiral T’Lara), Command 2 (Captain of U.S.S. Resolution), Cultural Flexibility, Promotion 5 (Captain), Thinker.

Flaws: Devotion (his daughter, Alexa LaSalle-Cortes), Rival (Captain Korvin, a Bolian overachiever and former colleague from the science department of the U.S.S. Exeter).

Health: 7 Courage: 4 Renown: Tbd

Background: Born in Montpellier, Vermont, Earth in 2325; Served on the U.S.S. Exeter (2347-2350; A&A officer); U.S.S. Kumari (2350-2353), A&A officer (2350-2353), Second Officer (2353); U.S.S. Nagano (2354-2358; Executive Officer); U.S.S. Brisbane (2358-2361), Commanding Officer; Promoted Captain (2360); Starbase (Tbd) (Aide to Admiral T’Lara) (2362); U.S.S. Resolution, Commanding Officer (2363-present).


2325: Born in Montepellier, Vermont, Earth

2343: Enter Starfleet Academy

2345: While at Starfleet Academy, he met his future wife, Sarah Cortes, at a faculty diner honoring his mother’s work. Sandra was an undergrad student at Vermont University and one of his mother’s star pupils.

2347: He graduated from Starfleet Academy and received his first posting as A &A officer on the U.S.S. Exeter, an Ambassador class explorer. Before leaving, he and Sandra got married.

2349: He received a promotion to Lieutenant (j.g.) and was made assistant department head of A & A on the Exeter; Birth of his daughter, Alexa, on Earth. Because of his vessel being too far to make it back in time for the end of Sandra’s pregnancy, Nicholas missed Alexa’s birth.

2350: Because of his prolonged absence, Sandra filed for divorce and seeked sole custody of Alexa. With the failure of his mariage, Nicholas consecrated all his time and energy to his career.

2351: With no possibilities of advancement on the Exeter, Nicholas asked, and was granted, a transfer to the U.S.S. Kumari, an Excelsior class cruiser. Before the end of the year, he was promoted to the rank of full Lieutenant, becoming the A & A department head.

2353; His administrative skills and assistance in diplomatic negociations were noted by his Commanding officer, Captain Christopher Warner, and Starfleet. He was rewarded by a promotion to Lieutenant Commander and the Second officer position.

2354; The Cestara Incident: Responding to a distress call of the Federation colony of Cestara IV on the Cardassian border, the_ Kumari_ was ambushed by two Galor class warships. With the Captain Warner wounded and the first officer killed in the first minutes of the battle, Nicholas commanded the badly damaged Kumari. Although the Kumari was nearly lost and would spend the following months in a space dock for a thorough refit, Nicholas holded off the Cardassians long enough for other Starfleet ships to arrive and, together, defeat them.

2355: In lightof his favorable track record and recent heroic actions, Starfleet Command rewarded Nicholas with a first officer position on the U.S.S. Nagano, an Excelsior class cruiser, under the command of Captain T’Lara.

2357: Promoted to full Commander.

2358: Assigned as the commanding officer of the U.S.S. Brisbane, a venerable Miranda class light cruiser. The mission of the Brisbane was to test the abilities of candidates to Starfleet Academy from worlds newly accepted within the Federation. The goal of the mission was not only to determine if those candidates possessed skill levels high enough to dispense them of some of the basic training at Starfleet Academy but also to test their aptitudes in working with members of different species. On the Brisbane, he met a young civilian woman, Sarissa Nadir, from the Diplomatic Corps. She was posted on the Starfleet ship as an attaché to the Federation observer charged with evaluating the progress of the alien candidates. Sarissa and Nicholas connected and, calling upon the logic from her vulcan blood, she insisted there was no reasons to deny their mutual attraction to one another.

2360: Promoted to the rank of Captain

2361: Nicholas and Sarissa are wed on Earth, in a dual ceremony honoring both their common human roots and Sarissa’s Vulcan heritage.

2362: The Brisbane entered spacedock for a major refit. Nicholas is reassigned to Starbase duty, acting as an aide to Admiral T’Lara, his former commanding officer on the Nagano. He spent much of that time assisting her and the Federation diplomat team in the negotiations to bring Benzar into the UFP. Also, during that time, his daughter Alexa, now a teenager, expressed her desire to come and live with her father for a while. He accepted and she moved in with Nicholas and Sarissa.

2363: Assigned command of the newly commissionned Nebula class U.S.S. Resolution.

Nicholas LaSalle

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