Star Trek: Resolution

S01E02 - False Start, part 2

Captain's log, supplemental. Following Dr. Mela T'ok's discovery, I've ordered Lieutenant Zole and Commander Lantara to change the focus of their investigation. Once believed to be a victim, crewman Miller is now the chief suspect in the act of sabotage that almost destroyed the Resolution. Beyond the desire to bring the crewman to justice, it is important to me to understand whatever motivation he had for his actions. Although I do not wish to be paranoid, I cannot deny that the consequences of the Resolution's destruction within the shipyard would have been severe for Starfleet. It is almost certain that the exploding Resolution would have taken the vessels in construction nearby with her, including both of Starfleet's most advanced ships, the Enterprise and the Yamato. The loss of these vessels would represent a major setback for Starfleet. The sooner we find crewman Miller, the sooner we will get our answers.

Lt. Kuranda travels to cargo bay 3, to examine the cargo transporter that seems to have been active at the time of the explosion on the Resolution. After spending a few hours going through the transporter console's logs and programming, he finds the remnants of a program embedded deep in its subroutines. Though the program seems to have attempted to delete itself, Kuranda's superior skill allows to reconstitute most of it. The program activated the transporter when it detected a power surge on the conduits of deck 29.  It transported someone from the deck off the ship. After a bit more work, the Chief Engineer is able to determine that the point of destination was Spacedock, in Earth orbit.


to be completed…



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